One year in the rearview mirror…..

It’s been the better part of a year since I last posted. The installation of the damacrat’s choice has been not only depressing, it has been a disaster. In the first week he personally killed as much as 11,000 high paying jobs; he either initiated or reversed regulations that further killed jobs and hurt small businesses. Since then he continually attempts, and sometimes succeeds in further hindering the growth and health of our economy. The man, and his handlers, are apparently determined to undermine this country.

This latest treasonous act in Afghanistan is but the latest to illustrate the incompetence of the man and his administration and this time it has cost many lives and there are more to be lost no matter how they attempt to patch this disaster up. Like someone on TV said, this is all history now and nothing that follows will restore the honor lost on that day we deserted our follow citizens and the ones that risk their lives to help us bring order to their country.

The blood is on the hands of the damocrat party and the major news medias for putting this incapable fool in office. They know it too. Every day since this horrible, dishonorable event, they have been and still are, trying to divert attention and talking about anything else. What little is said about Afghanistan are lies and contradictions from one flaky admin voice to another, even including the chief lier himself.

By the handling of this withdrawal in the manner that it was done, we have given the anti-American entities out there, read China and Russia, confidence that we are not able to handle a challenge of any size. Hold your breath until we see how they test us, and they will.

The clowns that obama put in the Pentagon when he was there, are ‘Woke’, so don’t worry, especially if you have a left over bomb shelter from the 50’s.

8 Days….

Only eight days before the decision as to whether we will continue to exist as a Constitutional Republic or dissolve into a dictator ship of the coastal elite.

Our only hope is for the re-election of President Trump. It is ironic that our hope for the country is vested in a man who personally offensive at times. Like Professor Victor Davis Hanson said, every family has one and he’s fun to have around for a day at Thanksgiving but you generally don’t want to be seen with him otherwise.

I’m afraid the alternative will lead to anarchy. They will rule by fiat without regard to the Constitution and there will be nothing to check them.

I am encouraged by the reports of the enthusiasm at his rallies and the seeming like at the rallies of biden and harris. President Trump’s energy is unreal. He really working while biden seems to be just loafing along.

God willing we will be saved. Stay well!

I’m So Glad…….

I am really so glad that I’m the age I am, 79 and will be 80 next April. Being born early in WWII, I definitely have a different set of life experiences than the majority. The ones born in the next decade matured (?) in the 60’s and unfortunately that generation was radicalized by that damn Vietnam War. Hundreds of thousand were drafted and sent into hell. They came back either damaged or some even better for the experienced or resolved to put it behind them and became your next door neighbor.

Then there were the ‘draft dodgers’. They married their pregnant girlfriend, they enrolled in college with the minimum hours, they went to Canada. There were other schemes used I’m sure. Shamefully, one later became President of the US.

So as to establish my credentials re this Vietnam War, I volunteered in 1962. The war was just starting to heat up. I believe at that time we were only sending “Advisors”. In any case, I was assigned to the Army Security Agency. This was not hazardous duty, at least at that time. I went where I was assigned and our mission was to develop intelligence to another adversary. Some of our units were later transferred to another outfit and then sent to Vietnam.

To many of our ruling class are of the liberal, leftist 60’s generation. To many of our younger overlords are the output of the liberal education system.

That is why I’m glad to be old, I will not be around to see that group destroy the greatest governing system ever devise by or talk men. I maybe to optimistic. If the current democrat slate gains power in 2020, I may have to die rather quickly to avoid seeing the demise of this once great country.

Been a while…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, life just gets in the way at times. Nothing of great import, just the bouncing off life’s chores.

Other that tending to our daily needs and health, just have a couple of very avid interest currently. On the matter of health, no one of our friends or family have contracted this awful COVID virus, knock on wood. Something to be thankful for, among many other things.

I have noticed something, particularly at the grocery store. People seem to be more courteous, more friendly. It is remarkable that you can recognize a smile even behind a mask. For once, we all have something in common, in addition to our humanity.

My two tnterest now are aviation and of course politics. I have always been an aviation nut but never, even in my youth, (long gone), did I follow through with lessons, just read a lot. I begin following a Boeing 737 pilot on YouTube and then on his Patreon site. If interested, search YouTube for Mentour Pilot. He provides everything from just interesting stories up technical details of the planes, the procedures and the industry. Enough of that, I get carried away.

With regards to my political interest, first I am a conservative and/or Constitutionalist. I do not believe in a “living Constitution”. The original document got us this far. Oh, the original document provided for full Civil Rights for Women, Blacks, LGBTQ and all others. It was/is the frail weakness of common man and certain political groups, such as the democrat party the held down the Blacks. If The Constitution been followed and currently followed as written, there would be no need for blm to exist. That is why this election is so critical as the stated plan of the damocrat party is to subvert and ignore the Constitution. More reason to install Judge Barrett.

Perhaps with her on the Court, and assuming Roberts doesn’t turn coat, these planned violations of the Constitution can be averted

Dang, I think I just ruined my breakfast appetit

Have a great life and stay well!


One of the east coast rags, formerly newspapers, related a heresay statement from the supposed notes of former director Comey, that stated that the President has said that he “Hoped”, that he could go easy and let Flynn off as he was a good guy.

Well, I don’t know if Flynn is a good guy or not but at the same time the President was ‘hoping’ that the director could go easy on him, the so called press and the damocrats were ‘hoping’ and demanding that the man was crucified.

To start and end with, “hope” is not an order so if Comey was intimidated and felt pressure, it was from his own insecurity.


Ever heard of “OODA”?  It was developed, I’m told, by a US fighter pilot by the name of John Boyd.  The principle was taught to young fighter pilots as a way to think about problems they faced as they entered as adversarial situation.

It stands for OBSERVE the situation you find yourself in, the ORIENT, meaning where or what is your position in this situation and what are my options.  The, DECIDE what you will do and then ACT on that decision, OODA.

Once you ACT, the situation will change so this is an on going process and you will need to OODA continually.

This principle can and probably applied in most, if not situations.

This information was found in an article in the The Sun newspaper of Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas and authored by a Col. Charles Baker, USAF (R) and greatly appreciated.  This, among other suggestions was addressed to Pres Donald Trump.




On a roll !!!

My brother and me are on a roll !

Yesterday I received word from my Urologist that the radiation treatments, (23 of them) and the surgery on my prostate was a success.  Prior to treatment my PSA was 3.8, as of the test last week, it had dropped to 0.1!  I will be tested again in 4 months and it should be to Zero by then.

My brother went in for his 6 month bladder cancer scan this morning and he was told he was clear!  It just made our week for sure.

Our parents suffered from cancers and it was not surprise when we were diagnosed but being aware, we both made sure we were checked.

As for prostate cancer treatment, it is nothing to fear or even dread.  The radiation last about 5 minutes for each session and the surgery, Brachytherapy, is done under general anesthetic and the aftermath is simply discomfort for three or four days.  Your urinary pattern will change for a while but really is just a inconvenience.

Any man facing this should simply do it.  Compared to the risk of the cancer spreading it is should be done.  My father died from prostate cancer that spread throughout his body and it was an awful, painful death.  He deserved better.

Isn’t it obvious??????

Isn’t it obvious what this so called president is trying to do?  He keeps violating his oath by taking actions that are unconstitutional and contradicting the Bill of Rights, He is requiring our border security employees to violate their oaths of office under threat of ‘consequences’ if they do uphold the law.  He has stated 22 times he does not have the authority to change the immigration laws and then doing it anyway.

He is trying to provoke a crisis.  Whether  it is just a Constitutional Crisis or one that he thinks he might can invoke martial law, I have no idea but he wants total control.

The blame for this can be laid at the feet of congress.  They continue to give him more and more rope and do not call him to task.  One reason is that worthless, traitor harry greid who would deny any discipline congress might gin up the balls to stop this wanton abuse of office.

Never satisfied……

We just never seem satisfied with much of anything and here in Texas, we never have enough rain.  But, wait a minute, we started with the current rains about three days ago and it hasn’t stopped for very long during all this time.  It has been more or less a gentle rain but here at my house, the gauge is approaching 4″.


It’s not real clear as the picture was taking though the screen on our porch but it could well be called ‘Crocker Creek’ or something like that.  It will soak in with 36 hours and if it doesn’t, I’ve got a submersible pump I can set in the deepest part and put it out into the street to be taken away.

I guess for at least a day or two, I’ll be satisfied.

Good Ole Georgetown……

We’ve been in Georgetown for about four and half years now.  Weintend for this to be our last stand and I think we’ve made a wise choice.  Our downsize home is perfectly adequate except it’s hard to have both the kids and their families here at the same time.  Sure wish we had a bunk house.

G’town’s square was voted the most beautiful in Texas last year.  For the most part there are active successful business all around the courthouse and it is constantly busy.  There are several eateries on the square or just off on the side streets.  There are a couple of wine tasting businesses too and they seem to stay busy.

Courthouse Lady Justice

Courthouse Lady Justice

Johnnie Reb guards the courthouse.  However, in this courthouse was the first successful prosecution of the KKK in Texas.

Johnnie Reb guards the courthouse. However, in this courthouse was the first successful prosecution of the KKK in Texas.

Art is a big thing here.  There several galleries, a Georgetown Art Center, which has new showing every 30 days.  The library host many artist and generally you can view new work every 30 days also.

Sister reading to little brother in front of Library.

Sister reading to little brother in front of Library.

Georgetown has hosted a state-wide competition for the past two years for all forms of art.  There are several societies, like a county Watercolor group, an Austin group and a Central Texas group.  The Texas Sculpture Society Shows here annually too.

At the G’town Art Center, classes is various skills are given in watercolors, acrylics and other disciplines.  These are in addition to people that offer classes.

In addition to these activities, the City has a very large, riverside, park with multiple sports venues for baseball, softball, soccer and literally miles of walking biking trailes.  There is a very large Georgetown Recreation Center, which has indoor walking track, indoor pool, two courts for basketball and volley ball and a fully equipment exercise and workout facility.  There is a nominal fee which is very affordable.

Best of all, all of these facilities are used constantly.  I’ve never seen a library as busy as this one.  Something is going on all the time there.  A great place!