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Some much has gone on, politically and personally these past few months, I’m having a hard time motivating myself to organize my thoughts enough to even think about putting them down.

About six weeks ago I had a thought or two and intended to make a couple of observations about the Month of March.   I never go around to it but thought that it should be mentioned that other than the usual ‘March Madness’ associated with basketball, we were going to see:

1)  The first hints of melt and run off from this past winters storms and the flooding of the midwest would begin.

2)  The first of the riots and craziness associated with the budget cuts would begin and would be fed by the far left and pampered public servants as we were warned by certain people that they had plans to instigate these events.

Well, the flooding has started, not only in the midwest but also in the northeast .  I await the rush of celebrities and politicians to help the Americans as they did the Haitians.

Should I hold my breath till they get there?

I was wrong about the riots/demonstrations by our “public servants”.  The outrageous actions by these selfish people was not prompted by the far left, but,  they were ready and waiting.  It was prompted by the common sense action of  one brave and/or maybe just principled governor in Wisconsin and the brave Senators and Representatives in the State House.

They did not wait till the State was bankrupt before they took action; they are attempting to solve the problem now.  The damocrat Senators fled to the neighboring state to avoid their responsibilities and to satisfy their masters, the unions.  How many of these gutless fools would have been at Valley Forge?  (oh, I hear you leftist, “that’s not relevant today”.



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