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Two Faced…..pee-louse-ee

When talking about Pres Bush with respect to UBL, she said in 2006, “… if [Osama bin Laden] is caught tomorrow, it is five years too late. To capture him now I don’t think makes us any safer.”

Now that the UBL has be caught and killed, 5 more years later, she said earlier this week, “The death of Osama bin Laden marks the most significant development in our fight against al-Qa’ida. I salute President Obama … in achieving this major accomplishment. … [T]he death of Osama bin Laden is historic.”

In other words, if President Bush had caught him 5 years after 9/11, it doesn’t mean a thing, but if obama does it 10 years after the fact, it is a major accomplishment…..that’s even taking into account that obama did it using the tools that President Bush developed. Two faced pee-louse-ee!


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