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Aaaah, Summer Time………..

We just spent a short week in the Rio Grande Valley with our best friend, Patty. It was just a relaxed few days with visits around, seeing Cloyce and Patty’s parents.

We did drive down to South Padre Island, looked around, had lunch and then escaped. It has been five or six years since we visited the Island and has it ever changed. It use to be suce a great place to crash over the weekend, but now it has all the charm of down town Dallas. Not much there for me anymore.

From there, we drove over to the Arroyo and checked out the new seawall that Archie, Patty’s Dad, had put in. After 30 plus years, it was time for a new one and it really looks good. He’s going to rebuild the fishing pier and then it should be good for another 30 years. Really a place to crash.

Drove over to Weslaco and checked out our old homeplace. Looks good. The front porch picket fence still there, the little shop building I build still there. My stained glass lighted street number is gone though. Neighborhood still looks pretty good. Noticed one yard that did not looked good but otherwise, holding up well.


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