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Sorry Devils………….

Whether you want to or not, you are getting more than you want from the clowns in DC. Today is the day that the fools in the Senate are going to vote of this fraudulent ‘debt reduction’ bill. As presented, it, in itself appears to be unconstitutional as it is delegating congressional authority that the Constitution specifically vested Congress with alone. That is one of the reasons the House members run every two years….if we don’t like the way they are spending our money, we get the chance to kick them out sooner rather than later.

With this new budget, some unelected official will make the decisions and can only be over ruled by a 2/3rd majority of both houses.  One of the news channels said that never have there been 2/3rd majority agreement by both houses in our entire history.

This is done so that the congressmen can avoid making decisions. All done to avoid losing the next election.

Not only are they Sorry, Sorry, Gutless, Worthless Devils (I’m trying to not be profane.)…………they continue to subvert our Constitution, thereby destroying our country as it was established.

Saw what was suppose to be an old saying yesterday that seems timely. “The water ain’t gonna clear up till you get the pigs out of it.” So, lets get the pigs our of congress.


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