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Oh So Right……………

A quote from a wise man, whom we owe so much………

“Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm.” –James Madison

He must still be around, making observations about our current situation.

I saw a good example of this on TV this morning. First I see a short story, with pictures of people lined up at a gas station, filling up their cars, getting ready for Hurricane Irene; then a shot in a grocery store of people stocking up on groceries, batteries, ice and water, getting ready for Hurricane Irene. Then a shot of people staring hopelessly at the flight schedule board as flight after flight out were canceled ahead of Hurricane Irene’s arrival. Then a shot of cars streaming off one of the outer islands of North Carolina, again, ahead of Hurricane Irene.

Then later in the show, a shot of our president playing golf at Martha Vineyard. The contrast was vivid.

I’m surprised he, or michelle, hasn’t had the EPA issue a regulation that forbids a Hurricane during one of his vacations.


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