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We Are So Screwed…….

Today, U.S. Attorney Dan Bogden, proudly announced he had secured prison sentences of four men found guilty of buying 37  so called ‘assault weapons and sending them into Mexico. They apparently acted as ‘straw purchasers’. Assuming they were actually guilty of this crime and I’m sure they were, Congratulations!

Now, going forward under the idea that this is a nation ruled by law, and that the law will be applied equally, why has this US Attorney, or one of his counter parts, brought these exact charges against the individuals that authorized the sale of many more weapons, over a long period of time?  This program where out own agents had licensed gun dealers sell the exact same type of weapons, in much greater numbers, to know weapon traffickers.

We have some many contradictions now that this administration has begun to applied a rule of men rather than a rule of law. We have a president that has directed his Attorney General to ignore the laws he does not agree with, such as our immigration laws and at the same time suing a State that is trying to enforce a law that the administration doesn’t agree with.

We have this clown of a president mouthing off about creating jobs, while at the same time, having his czars produce regulations that kill jobs; has his NLRB interfere with Boeing, who was creating a 1,000 plus jobs in the south.  His toadies defy Court orders to issue permits for drilling and oil production, thereby keeping thousands out of jobs in the west and in the Gulf.

This man has to be impeached and his toads fired, and in some cases prosecuted.

We are so screwed that if he were to resign tomorrow, it will take years to repair the damage he has to to our Nation!


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