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I Hope…….

Gad!  I hope the world wasn’t watching this last speech by……(what’s his name?).  His speech wasn’t that much of an embarrassment,  since we all knew what he was going to say and knew how he was going to say it but, the performance of the clowns in both the senate and the house was.

As the empty suit spoke, repeating the same old, same old, every time he took a breath or waited for the teleprompter to show the next page, the bubbling idiots would hoot and cheer.  Sounded just like a Junior High pep rally before the “Big Game”.  This juvenile display should have shamed even the main stream media, but they lapped it up like it was chocolate pudding.  Fools, and proud of it.

Oh, heard, three days after the fact, the Washington State police are going to ‘look into’, the unlawful, shameful actions of the union thugs.  We will never hear another word about it from them.

You know our Life and Liberty are protected under federal law, so if the State of Washington doesn’t follow up and prosecute these felons, the Feds should, as these security people were definitely denied their Liberty, as well as being threatened with baseball bats among other things.

But, being union thugs, this administration (should be referred to as “this Chicago mob”) will do nothing.


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