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Solyndra Questions ? ? ?

This fellow, obama, seems to have exported chicago style business to California with this Solyndra boon doggle.

There are a lot of questions that hopefully will be answered, if they aren’t covered up, now that one of the administration’s agencies is investigating.  My fear is that the justice department sent the fbi in to gather up any incriminating evidence before some independent auditor came in for the bankruptcy court.

One question I hope someone out there will answer for me has to do with the line up of the creditors.  I read somewhere, and I cannot find it today, that the government gave up its first position as a creditor recently, thereby allowing all other creditors, which would include the shareholders of the company, to recover proceeds from the liquidation of the company before we, as the government shareholder get a penny.

If I remember the number from that article, the value of the company now is about $245 million.  That is not going to cover any of the $525 million, we loaned this company so the president could have a photo op.

Also, I would like to know who are these other creditors/shareholders that will get their money first.  Are they the same ones that made large donations to obama and the damocrat party prior to getting the loan in the first place?


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