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…next time you see a chevy volt…

The next time you see a chevy volt owner, just see if he/she sez, “Thank You”….bet they won’t, but they should.

According to Wikipedia, the most recent median income in the US was $44,359, give or take a dollar or two.  Assuming they are right then,

$ 44,359    Median Income

$  -1,500    Dependent Exemption (2 person household)

$   -4,286    Approx Standard Deduction

$ 38,570     Adjusted Gross Income

x     .145     Estimated Average Tax Rate

$   5,593    Approximated tax for the median income family.

So, this hardworking family did not pay enough taxes to cover this one $7,500 subsidy the proud Volt owner got for buying the damn thing.

Ok, you say, that median income family didn’t really pay much in federal income taxes….I bet you are right, so that just proves that it took more hardworking families to pay for this subsidy.  And, And, I bet the average Volt buyer makes well above median income.

This mouth in the whitehouse is always saying he wants to make things ‘Fair’…now you tell me how subsidizing this purchase is fair?  The only people who benefit from this deal, other than the selfish Volt owner, are the union thugs at UAW Motors and the damocrats that picked up anther vote from the Volt buyer.


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