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Fools, all of them, durbin, dodd and frank of course. They write and pass a bill that puts handcuffs on the banks and the banks re-adjust their fees to just recover part of the lost income and the public yells, durbin immediately screams, “…its their fault…”. durbin and the two clowns, dodd and frank will accept no responsibility for these charges. The banks will actually net less from these charges than they did prior to this stupid law passing.

If you want to get mad about the lousy $5.00 a month fee, don’t get mad at Bank of America….get mad at dufus durbin, dodd and frank.

Yes, I am a Bank of America customer….and whether I am or not doesn’t change the fact that no matter where you bank, your bank will have to recover the lost income some way or another.  Who better to pay these additional charges than those you are consistently late with their payments, those who overdraft their accounts and yes, me who use their many services, such as this charge for use of the debit card many times a month.

This legislation is just another mistake that will have to be cleaned up after these idiots are relieved of their position.


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