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Scary, Scary…………

  I guess by now everyone has heard or read about the Contractor that has put stickers on his company vehicles that say something like this:  

“New Company Policy:  I Will Not Hire Any New Employees Until Obama Is Gone.”

  Now that isn’t Scary, actually that’s a good business decision, but what is Scary is that it was reported that because the Secret Service paid him a visit to determine whether he was a threat to this guy, obama.  Does that meat that now you can’t criticize someone in government without being subject to intimidation?  

  To be fair to the individual agents, it was also reported that they were courteous and left apparently satisfied that this gentleman was not threat………but, someone in authority sent them out there just because a man made a decision and then publicized it. 

  On another note, there is an excellent article in today’s Townhall newsletter by John Goodman.  It explains the history of the American progressive movement and I can see the contradiction between what is professed by spokesmen for the movement and what they actually wish to accomplish. 

  There is a point made about the amount and cost of regulation laid down by the current administration.  Aside from the fact that the regulation usurps the powers originally vested in Congress, most of it seems to favor Big Business.  This stifles competition, hindering small business from growing or putting them out of business altogether, and prevents new business start up.

  In any case, take the time to read the article linked below and you might find it informative to back up to Townhall’s home page and read some of the other columnist.



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