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Volt Taxpayer Rip Off…..

“GM willing to buy back Volts from worried owners

Chevy Volt scores highest satisfaction rating in Consumer Reports survey”

  The above appeared as teasers on my CNET alert app.  As General Motors is an arm of the obama regime, they have to defend, whether with facts or lies, this Chevy mistake.  

  As has been published before, every one of this damn cars that is sold cost you and me, as taxpayers, $7,500  in direct subsidies.  How many households, (that can’t afford one of these re Volts) have to work and pay taxes just to cover this $7,500 gift to so tree hugging dolt that has fallen for this green fad?  If the dunce can afford one of these $40,000 fire traps, he doesn’t need subsidy.

  Now that they are catching on fire, GM will buy them back, refurbish them and sell them to the government and we will be stuck for the whole price.  Another taxpayer ripoff like the solar panels.


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