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I Guess I Just Don’t Understand…..

I Guess I Just Don’t Understand…..or maybe I do.

I meet a friend of one of my relatives and liked him and considered him at least a ‘friendly acquaintance.  He lived a long way off so never came face to face with him again.  During the intervening years, we shared email jokes and articles, at least until I put a link on my email page to my blog.

I am a conservative and this blog is a place for me to vent my frustrations.  He apparently is a far left liberal and does not want to read anything that doesn’t reinforce his bias as after reading my blog, he sent an email saying he didn’t want to correspond with me any longer because of my beliefs.  The tone of the email was, “Anger”.   So much for that.

Oh, he made some good points that bear considering but unfortunately, there is no way he and I could continue a conversation.

One of my emails to a relative, expressing my opinion about us, actual tax payers, supporting the 47% of people who pay no taxes at all, was forwarded to another fellow.  He responded to me directly answering point by point in a very lucid manner but had to include insults and express his anger that someone could possibly disagree with him.

I have several friends who profess to be liberals, or progressives, who do not foam at the mouth when someone disagrees with them but we cannot discuss politics.

Being one of the 53% supporting the ones not paying into the system, I feel I do have a right to some opinion as to how my money is distributed.  I suppose the fellow would allow me that as long as I kept it to myself and did not voice or put it in writing.  


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