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Not as many wel…

Not as many well-to-do folks took advantage of the super $7.500 tax credit that the green fool obama offered.

Read this short article: http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-57352046-54/chevy-volt-misses-first-year-sales-target/

But, 7,671 did.  That mean that  we, you and I, subsidized people who can afford a $40,000 car, to the tune of      $57,532,500.

That is how much tax revenue was lost just to let them, and their savior obama, feel good.  Thank goodness government motors, or is it UAW Auto, didn’t reach their goal of 10,000 vehicles.

They are so concerned about clean air and energy but they seem to be blind to how much energy is going to be expended just build the infrastructure to service and charge this vehicles.  They do not acknowledge how much coal, diesel and natural gas is used daily to provide the power to charge these short range vehicles.

With problem of these thing catching on fire, I suspect insurance on them will go up and then obama will make the rates come down….after all it has to be ‘fair’.


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