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More on the re-Volt…..

Read an article on the total cost to us taxpayers with respect to the Chevy Volt.  In the article, they assert that the  total subsidies for each Volt sold this past year may total as much as $250,000.  That is for each and every Volt sold in 2011.

This link, http://http://www.mackinac.org/16192, details how they arrived at this number.  Their figure includes not only Tax Credits for buyers, ($7,500 each), but tax  abatement and out right Grants of large sums of money given to manufactures and suppliers up and down the line.

The author, or publisher, included the General Motors response to the article.  My take of the response by GM was more or less, ‘well everyone does it’, pointing out that Japan subsidizes their auto industry, but does not point out that Japan doesn’t not subsidize their industry with my Tax Dollars.

The article also reports that General Motors has said that the average Volt buyer has an income of $170,000.  These people need a $7,500 tax credit from you and me?


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