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It seems to be deliberate……

It seems to be deliberate doesn’t it?

This past week, this empty suit we have for a president, rejected the plan to construct a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast, that would provide over 700,000 barrels of crude oil to our refineries.  It is estimated that the project would have provided about 20,000 jobs almost immediately.  Of course, that would be 700,000 barrels of oil that we wouldn’t have to buy from middle east.

The immediate reaction by the Canadian Prime Minister  was that they would be looking to expand their markets, which brings to mind, China.

Almost simultaneously, Brazil inked a contract with China to sell a goodly portion of their production to them.  I think I read that China’s state oil company also owns as much as 40% of Brazil’s oil producing properties.

Seems like this administration is doing everything it can to cripple this country.

(Oh, didn’t this guy, obama, recently loan the Brazilians some of our tax money to develop their oilfields?  Did I read some where that obama supporter, soros, owns a big state in the Brazilian state oil company?)


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