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Dead Beat Corporations ????

Dead beat corporations….I don’t think so.

I read another blog this evening entitled “Corporations Are People…..” yada, yada, yada! The gist being that they dodge taxes and/or don’t pay taxes and somehow that means that the bottom 50% of the populations should be excused from contributing anything.

The fellow doesn’t mention, or doesn’t know, that corporations ‘dodge’ as he puts it, taxes by using the tax codes that our government put into effect. The same tax code that allows that bottom 50% to pay no taxes at all.

And, And what does this fellow think corporations do with the profits that they don’t pay in taxes?

It is my understanding that most of them do pay some taxes, reduced by as much as the LAW allows. Then they do one of three or four things. First, the set aside money for contingencies, such as the possiblity of expanding the businesses and hiring more people, ordering more equipment from others that have to hire more people to provide the equipment, who buy supplies to build the equipment from people who have to hire people to manufacture the supplies from raw materials that have to be mined, farmed or whaterver by people who need a job. And then…..

. They pay out dividends to their shareholders with AFTER TAX DOLLARS, which the shareholders have to PAY TAXES ON AGAIN, and yes, they pay bonuses to those evil fellows that managed to earn a profit for them from which the government has taxed at every opportunity and with every change of hand.

Shallow, shallow ‘occupy’ dunces.  All that was about was people wanting something for nothing and taking from people that earned it.


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