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I trust that I am not engaged in an act of Piracy in publishing this post but even if I am, I suggest that you visit  http://blog.uylessblack.com/files/7/0/3/1/8/192009-181307/120120_SOPA_011.pdf  for the first of at least two, and promised more articles explaining the substance of this pending law, SOPA, aka: Stop Online Piracy Act.  There is a corresponding bill in the other house that is very similar.

The author, U. D. Black, has credentials that give credence to his opinion and his analysis of this very complicated issue.  While he has “…a dog in this fight!”, I trust his objectivity without reservation.

Oh, there is a second report on this at http://  (the link is really under the http shown.) 

If you want a good read, check out his blog at http://blog.uylessblack.com    If you are a blogger also, find the link on his blog entitled ‘Journalism’.  It shamed me a bit and if you are a blogger, it may shame you too.


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