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Rather Than……

Rather than rant and rave, as I tend to do, how about something positive?  I just read an analysis of Representative Ryan’s proposed budget for 2013.  You can find it here:


As you can see, this is in the National Review and is by Yuval Levin.  Hopefully this will go to the floor for a vote as written and also, hopefully it will become a plank in the Republican platform.  I read some where that Mitt Romney has more or less endorsed it, again, Hopefully!

Of course, it will never get a vote in the Senate.  You can bet your booty that the damocrats will take things out of context from the bill and attempt to scare people to death with it all the time knowing that reid will never bring it up for a vote.

But, there again I are starting to rant and rave….pardon.


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