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I Need A Doctor…..

To be exact, I need a shrink….and…..more brain cells.  According to an article by Paul Joseph Watson in
Infowars.com, yesterday, (http://www.infowars.com/climate-change-skepticism-a-sickness-that-must-be-treated-says-professor/) a woman by the name of Kari Norgarrd, has presented a paper at a conference in London, that argues that skepticism about humans causing global warming is a sickness and should be treated.

This kind of goes along with the premise that conservatism is “linked to low brain power….” as reported at http://www.miller-mccune.com/politics/is-conservatism-our-default-ideology-40703/

This fellow states that 21% of Americans say they are liberal and you can bet this author claims to be in this group.

I need a shrink to help me deal with this skepticism and deficiency and learn to live with the fact that with such “low brain power”, I can never be among this 21%


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