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What more needs saying??

Here are a couple of quotes from today’s issue of TownHall.com.  These two fellows, Bruce Bialosky and Michael Barone, are regular contributors to the Opinion page.

In this atmosphere of Chicago corruption, (like Solyndra, GSA Las Vegas Trips, Fast and Furious and other political payoffs to the likes of UAW), it is not surprising that respected columnist are not using words like this to describe our empty suit president.

“He proved yet again that he is grossly arrogant, utterly ignorant, a shameless liar, or perhaps all three.”  by Bruce Bialosky

“….combining arrogant condescension with intellectual shoddiness….” by Michael Barone.

Oh, and another gentleman may have a solution to dealing with obamacare if the Supreme Court fails to strike it down.  Read and then send this to your state Senators, Representatives and your Governor.



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