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$494 BILLION, plus………

Because of the upcoming election, the damocrats will not deal with the awful, scary fact that our economy is about to be hit with a $494 Billion hammer that we may not recover from.  The tax cuts made during the Bush administration are about to expire and this huge hit to our pocketbooks is in addition to the additional cost associated with obamacare.

Among the hits we are going to take are increase in payroll taxes, the return of the ‘Death Tax’ and the level at which the Alternative Minimum Tax will cut in, hitting more and more of the so called,  Middle Class.

For a more detailed explanation of what is happening with this, go to http://news.investors.com/article/611576/201205151852/fiscal-mess-needs-fixing-now-not-post-election.htm

We should all be getting ready for the “Perfect Storm” financially……


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