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In Today’s Pol………

  In today’s Politico and article by Josh Gerstein is titled  “Eric Holder unaware that court visitors must show ID”  9(the capitalization of holder’s name was Gersteins, not mine.)

  This should not be a surprise to anyone as this guy, holder, apparently is ‘unaware’ of a lot of things.  Such as, the details or even the existence of that Fast & Furious fiasco.  He is unaware that that his oath requires him to uphold the law and not just decide himself that a given law is unconstitutional and choose not to enforce it.  To me, that is a direct violation of his oath of office and he should be impeached, prosecuted and put in prison. 

  He failed to do his job in the Voters Rights violations by the New Black Panther party back in 2008 and that alone should have been enough to at the very least fire him.   


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