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WARN Act — The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act — companies with more than 100 employees must give 60 days’ notice if there is to be a mass layoff during any 30-day period for 500 or more employees (or for 50-499 employees if they make up at least 33% of the employer’s active workforce).

Recently, commenting about the WARN Act, the Department of Labor stated in a Fact Sheet they published, stated that, “…‘since it has no administrative or enforcement responsibility under’ the WARN Act, it ‘cannot provide specific advice or guidance with respect to individual situations.’  This information was provided by Senator John McCain.

This subject comes up now because Monday, Assistant Labor Secretary Jane Oates said,

“Questions have recently been raised as to whether the WARN Act requires Federal contractors…whose contracts may be terminated or reduced in the event of sequestration on January 2, 2013, to provide WARN Act notices 60 days before that date to their workers employed under government contracts funded from sequestrable accounts. The answer to this question is ‘no.’ In fact, to provide such notice would be inconsistent with the purpose of the WARN Act.”

The administration does not want Pink Slips going out just 4 days before the election, With sequestration going into effect January 2, 2013, in order to comply with the law, the notices must be given to the thousands of government contractors employees, no later than November 2nd.

If the contractors follow the law, rather than the advise of the Labor Department, which “….has no administrative or enforcement responsibility under’ the WARN Act, it ‘cannot provide specific advice or guidance…”, the notices will go out and the thousands of laid off employees can take their pink slips to the polls with them.

This is just another example of the chicago administration using government agencies to do illegal political work.  Must like the stealing of $800 billion dollars just to extend the Medicare Advantage program just till after the election.


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