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Are liberal beliefs Immoral?  At least one well educated fellow thinks so.

A friend forwarded an article by a Bob Unruh and published in the World News Daily.  In the article, he quotes research done by psychologists showing the ways liberals, it seems in the education industry, discriminate against individuals that express conservative views.

That is not news!

He quoted a Dr Lyle Rossiter, who has written a book with the title, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness,”.

He told WND radical liberals “see liberal principles as revealed truth, admitting of no debate.”

“They are confident they are right and therefore justified in holding their biases and acting on them,” he continued. “The irony is that their policies are immoral (redistributing wealth is theft, affirmative action rewards inferiority and penalizes success); destructive (their policies corrupt the character of the people and undermine the productivity needed to overcome poverty); and historically disastrous (their policies exploit and tyrannize the people and ultimately destroy social order).

This defines liberals exactly.











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