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The obama mob has make our tradition, not tradition but the basis for our form of government a Joke.  We were a nation based on the Rule of Law, but no more.

Congress, who directly represent us and who are given the sole authority to write Laws, pass the WARN with specifically states that an employer of more than a certain number of employees must give a minimum of 60 days notice of pending layoffs.  Period!  There are sanctions, penalties and the inevitable law suits by individuals is the employer fails to do so. 

Because to follow the law, the notices would go out before the November 6th election, the mob has told the employers that they don’t have to obey the law and if they won’t send them out, they will take our tax money and pay the expenses incurred by fines and law suits.  

Not only is this ass abetting breaking the law by encouraging others to break the law, they are stealing our money to pay for it!

The law meaning nothing to the administration and their oath to up hold the law is routinely broken and this should be grounds for impeachment and conviction.

This administration earlier has shown his disregard and disrespect for the law by nullifying the Defense of Marriage Act just because he didn’t agree with it.  He has nullified parts of the Immigration Law simply because he doesn’t agree with it. 

It would seem to give us license to ignore those provisions in the law that we don’t like.  He has no more authority to write or ignore the law than your or I do.


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