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Are we Greece yet?????

Here are just a few goodies passed by this sorry congress and signed by the liar.  Oh, if you are interested, here is a link to this 157 page actual bill.


It includes, among other things:

1)  $400,000,000 tax avoidance for the Hollywood film industry
2)  $222,000,000 tax avoidance for the Rum producers
3)  $331,000,000 tax avoidance for the Railroad Industry
4)  $  70,000.000 tax avoidance for Auto Racing, by allowing accelerated depreciation that others don’t get 
5)  $  59,000,000 for the Algae Growers Industry
6)  and a piddling $ 4,000,000 for the Electric Motorcycle industry

Since it’s such a small amount, I am sure you don’t begrudge the Electric Motorcycle industry this pittance.

It would be very informative if each one of these giveaways had to have the authors and supporters listed as part of the actual law.

Someone has computed the ratio of savings to spending in this awful bill,  1 to 41

God Help Us!


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