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al (walk on water) gore……

Here is a quote from someone who supports gore’s selling his network to al jazeera news network.

“…..If he wanted to try to hang on to more of his money, LEGALLY, I’m not going to carp at him for so doing.”

This is by one that not only defends the sale, but claims this is not hypocrisy on the gore’s part.  If this individual is consistent, he will at the same time howl in rage about corporate America avoiding taxes using the same rules that gore has used here.

Another quote from this article in http://newsbusters.org/blogs/pj-gladnick/2013/01/05/most-duers-kossacks-supportive-al-gorezeera-hypocrisy     ” Do you think it was “socially irresponsible” for him to sell to Al Jazeera? They’re a fine news organization. Much better reporting than F—ed News, CNN, and MSMBS.”

al jazerra, the mouthpiece for al queda and the late mr bed laden, is a better  network than Fox, CNN and MSMBS?





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