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Here is just a little bit of a comment by the author of Dilbert.  He is talking about the complexity of trying to deal with all the impositions put on you by government regulations and uses his trip to Safeway to buy cheese to illustrate his point.  His quote is down towards the bottom of the page.  To read the whole article, from which this was taken, go to: 


“….Yes, I saved the best for last. You see, brains are like muscles in the sense that they have a limited capacity during any given day. If you lift too many heavy objects, your muscles will fail. Likewise, if you use up all of your brain cycles on nonsense, you have nothing left for the important things in life, such as making Dilbert comics and writing blog posts.

Seriously though, I think society is blind to the hidden cost of complexity in daily life. The ever-worsening complexity isn’t simply annoying; it is hijacking your brain. Every minute you spend trying to find cheese, and trying to pay for it without getting arrested, is time you aren’t thinking about solutions to real problems.

If this seems like no big deal, you might be wrong. Consider that everything good about modern civilization was invented by people who really needed to focus to get the job done. What happens to a world-class engineer or entrepreneur when he or she has to syphon off more brain energy to satisfying Safeway’s marketing strategy instead of designing new products? Now multiply that times a hundred because every retailer, website, and business is trying to complicate your life too.”

This was posted by a Mary Katharine Hame on the HotAir.com site.  She points our the devious, high handed, arrogant attitudes of a petty government agent.  Treating a good citizen like dirt just because she can.

Read her whole article and look for the comments quoted above down near the bottom of the page. 


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