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Isn’t Irony beautiful when it shows up your enemies as the hypocrites that they are.  For example, our empty suit president is giving his “state of the onion”, (maybe  state of the stink would be better), speech right in the middle of a 100 year cold spell.  It was reported that one of the topics he was going to cover was planet warming and what he was going to do about it.  We will see tonight, if he really, really believes it, he will buck up and still discuss it.  If he is the ‘no balls a tall’ guy that I think he is, he will just brush over the subject.

Another example of the hypocrisy of the left, is a meeting was held at the St Regis Hotel on the upper east side of Manhattan.  The subject, Income Inequity.  One news show reported that the least charge for one nights stay there was $ 675.00.  That certainly points out the inequities.


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