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We have a crisis but it is to late to do anything about it.  We can only mourn the loss and hope the people involved know how much they were appreciated and how much they will be missed.

I am talking about the closing of the Carson Street Cafe in the Golden Nugget.  We have been going to Las Vegas since the 80’s and once we discovered the Cafe, we always had at least a breakfast and a dinner there each visit.  For the past four trips, we’ve stayed at the Nugget so we dined at the Cafe even more often.  From the Golden Nugget website, here is a shot of the dining room.  We’ve sat at most of those tables.


We understand it has been replaced by a chain restaurant, the Claim Jumper.  We hope we can enjoy them to some degree as much as we did the Carson Street.

Another great restaurant that fell before the corporate changing for changes sake, was the closing of ‘Le Cafe’ at the Monte Carlo.  That was a super nice, friendly place for breakfast or lunch.

I’m just an old reactionary!




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