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Day after tomorrow, this fellow Gruber, will testify before the House committee about the writing of this horrible non-healthcare law.  Hopefully he will re-state, in more detail about how the public was deceived.

Also, hopefully he will confirm that the entire damocrat body knew it was all smoke an mirrors and were in on the scam, as was obama.

One thing is obvious, either the damocrats that voted for it, which was 100% of them, were fooled too or they were in on the scam.  I world prefer to think they were stupid, not crooked but I don’t believe it.  The lefts creed is the end justifies the means and this is just another example in practice.

These quotes saying the law was written in a “very tortured way” to hide taxes, and passed thanks to “the stupidity of the American voter.”  Is not right, it wasn’t passed thanks to the stupidity of the American voters, it was passed by the damocrats due to either their stupidity or their evil intent.


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