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Some good’uns…..

In a more healthy vain, away from the bitterness of politics, I have found a few things that really make my life easier in the kitchen and are so gratifying to use.  First there is a 10″ Bialette skillet that I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I went there to replace a Calphalon skillet that I had worn out.  They didn’t have it in open stock and I noticed the Bialette.  It has a gray stoneware finish and it was only about $30.00.  It was a real value purchase.  I simply cannot get anything to stick with this skillet, it is so easy to clean and I use practically no oil.

While Bialette brand was new to  me, apparently they are an old, very well known brand as you will find out doing a web search.  I will add more of their product to my utensil inventory as need arises.

Along the way, recently, I purchased a Wilton loaf pan and this has been another great buy.  Not only is it very, very non-stick, it has extended handles on each end that makes it easy and safe to handle with hot pads.  Use it with Pam’s baking spray and it is a snap to clean up.

A winner!

A winner!


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