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Isn’t it obvious??????

Isn’t it obvious what this so called president is trying to do?  He keeps violating his oath by taking actions that are unconstitutional and contradicting the Bill of Rights, He is requiring our border security employees to violate their oaths of office under threat of ‘consequences’ if they do uphold the law.  He has stated 22 times he does not have the authority to change the immigration laws and then doing it anyway.

He is trying to provoke a crisis.  Whether  it is just a Constitutional Crisis or one that he thinks he might can invoke martial law, I have no idea but he wants total control.

The blame for this can be laid at the feet of congress.  They continue to give him more and more rope and do not call him to task.  One reason is that worthless, traitor harry greid who would deny any discipline congress might gin up the balls to stop this wanton abuse of office.


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