On a roll !!!

My brother and me are on a roll !

Yesterday I received word from my Urologist that the radiation treatments, (23 of them) and the surgery on my prostate was a success.  Prior to treatment my PSA was 3.8, as of the test last week, it had dropped to 0.1!  I will be tested again in 4 months and it should be to Zero by then.

My brother went in for his 6 month bladder cancer scan this morning and he was told he was clear!  It just made our week for sure.

Our parents suffered from cancers and it was not surprise when we were diagnosed but being aware, we both made sure we were checked.

As for prostate cancer treatment, it is nothing to fear or even dread.  The radiation last about 5 minutes for each session and the surgery, Brachytherapy, is done under general anesthetic and the aftermath is simply discomfort for three or four days.  Your urinary pattern will change for a while but really is just a inconvenience.

Any man facing this should simply do it.  Compared to the risk of the cancer spreading it is should be done.  My father died from prostate cancer that spread throughout his body and it was an awful, painful death.  He deserved better.