One of the east coast rags, formerly newspapers, related a heresay statement from the supposed notes of former director Comey, that stated that the President has said that he “Hoped”, that he could go easy and let Flynn off as he was a good guy.

Well, I don’t know if Flynn is a good guy or not but at the same time the President was ‘hoping’ that the director could go easy on him, the so called press and the damocrats were ‘hoping’ and demanding that the man was crucified.

To start and end with, “hope” is not an order so if Comey was intimidated and felt pressure, it was from his own insecurity.



Ever heard of “OODA”?  It was developed, I’m told, by a US fighter pilot by the name of John Boyd.  The principle was taught to young fighter pilots as a way to think about problems they faced as they entered as adversarial situation.

It stands for OBSERVE the situation you find yourself in, the ORIENT, meaning where or what is your position in this situation and what are my options.  The, DECIDE what you will do and then ACT on that decision, OODA.

Once you ACT, the situation will change so this is an on going process and you will need to OODA continually.

This principle can and probably applied in most, if not situations.

This information was found in an article in the The Sun newspaper of Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas and authored by a Col. Charles Baker, USAF (R) and greatly appreciated.  This, among other suggestions was addressed to Pres Donald Trump.