I’ve had a spell of burnout.  I really had become so sick of the political scene that I sort of dropped out, refusing to read all the propaganda and BS put out by both parties.  I know there are some sincere operatives out there but how do you tell them apart from the hypocrites, the money grubbers and the lunatics?

Then there has been the distraction of a spot of medical problems for both my wife and myself.  These seem to have been resolved for the most part and conditions have actually shown a trend of improvement.  No matter the problems that come up, there is always many things to be thankful for.

In the meantime, I am cautiously watching what our new Congress does.  The first indications are not to promising though.  I have taken the position of Chicken Little, if we don’t turn this thing around within the next very, very few years, I think we will lose the country for good.  It will become another Greece.


I swear…….

I swear this man, obama, and his peons are deliberately trying to provoke an incident so he can declare martial law and suspend the Bill of Rights.  I guess with those protections gone, he can then suspend congress, or let them rattle on and just ignore them…..wait, he’s ignoring Congress, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution already.  

Where is the………..

We just had another Border Patrol Agent killed and one wounded well within the border and the Main Stream Media is almost silent about it. The obama mob refuses to provide the resources needed to protect our borders and refuses to let the States do it and this is the results.

Why hasn’t the media ask some questions.

We have the first terrorist attack on us since 9/11 in Libya and the mob tries to cover it up. The MSM, just swallows the bilge from the mob and goes along.

I guess the family of this slain Border Patrol Agent, will just have to accept that he was just another ‘Bump In The Road”, like our people in Libya.

“2,527 DHS Employees and Co-Conspirators Convicted of Crimes”

Charles Edwards, Acting Inspecting General of the Department of Homeland Security, reported to the House Oversight committee that there have been 2527 DHS employees and their co-conspirators convicted of crimes since 2004.  He further reported that currently, there are 1,591 open cases pending criminal cases..

What this ms napolitano has created is a Mexico Police Force right here in the good ole US of A.  (pardon me Mexico).

We, the general public, are totally under control of this DHS that apparently is riddled with criminals and the only thing left for them to do to parallel the corruption south of the border, is for them to begin taking bribes at the airport security check in gates…..maybe they are.   

Once the good, honest DHS employees see this going on, they will withdraw and the only element left will be the criminals.