I’ve had a spell of burnout.  I really had become so sick of the political scene that I sort of dropped out, refusing to read all the propaganda and BS put out by both parties.  I know there are some sincere operatives out there but how do you tell them apart from the hypocrites, the money grubbers and the lunatics?

Then there has been the distraction of a spot of medical problems for both my wife and myself.  These seem to have been resolved for the most part and conditions have actually shown a trend of improvement.  No matter the problems that come up, there is always many things to be thankful for.

In the meantime, I am cautiously watching what our new Congress does.  The first indications are not to promising though.  I have taken the position of Chicken Little, if we don’t turn this thing around within the next very, very few years, I think we will lose the country for good.  It will become another Greece.



Day after tomorrow, this fellow Gruber, will testify before the House committee about the writing of this horrible non-healthcare law.  Hopefully he will re-state, in more detail about how the public was deceived.

Also, hopefully he will confirm that the entire damocrat body knew it was all smoke an mirrors and were in on the scam, as was obama.

One thing is obvious, either the damocrats that voted for it, which was 100% of them, were fooled too or they were in on the scam.  I world prefer to think they were stupid, not crooked but I don’t believe it.  The lefts creed is the end justifies the means and this is just another example in practice.

These quotes saying the law was written in a “very tortured way” to hide taxes, and passed thanks to “the stupidity of the American voter.”  Is not right, it wasn’t passed thanks to the stupidity of the American voters, it was passed by the damocrats due to either their stupidity or their evil intent.

A Grand Lady………..

Joan Rivers, a grand Lady of my generation is gone.  May she rest in peace and may Melissa and family find closure.

She was so funny and as a tribute, I offer some of her funnier lines, or truths.

“I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.”

“Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.”

“People say that money is not the key to happiness, but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made.”

“I am definitely going to watch the Emmys this year! My makeup team is nominated for ‘Best Special Effects.'”

She could laugh at herself, a trait that we should all learn.

GM To The Rescue…..

GM (government motors) announced this past week that they were going to put a devise in their vehicles that would know when the driver was distracted.

I have a suggestion for them, put a devise in their cars that tell you when it is time to take your car in for a Recall.


  DefenseOne.com is reporting that the “MILITARY TO BUILD ROBOTS -- WITH MORALS!".

  Apparently the DOD has awarded a contract to explore the possibility of developing robots that can make decisions based on “some bodies morals”.  I guess the moral of either the programmer or his boss.  I sure hope that he is a good guy, whoever makes the decision.  If it’s like most things dealing with the government, a committee will decide and that will mean a set of morals that are entirely based one compromises.

  I hope they are successful though, then maybe we can apply them to our politicians, who lack any morals at all.

Been a while but………..

  Been a while but when I read this, I had to share as it needs to be know. 

  According to internal Homeland Security’s own documents, which was obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies, the obama administration, in 2013, released over 36,000 illegals that had been convicted of various felonies.  RELEASED, not Deported!

  Here is a list of some of the crimes they had been convicted of as reported by Breitbart.com.

“…..last year the Obama administration released 36,007 immigrants convicted of a nearly 88,000 crimes, including homicide and sexual assault. 

To be sure, these statistics include prior offenses, for which the convicted alien could have previously served time. 

Some of the most striking crimes, however, included 193 homicide convictions (including the murder of a public official), 426 sexual assault convictions, 9,187 dangerous drugs convictions, 1,075 aggravated assault convictions, and 228 kidnapping convictions. 

The categories with the greatest number of convictions were traffic offenses 17,228, followed by convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with 16,070.”

  And while they have been doing this, his people have been claiming that more illegals have been deported than ever before but they have been including in their numbers, individuals that have simply been turned back at the border. 

  As in all cases, you cannot believe anything coming from this administration, except some things like the IRS spending $100 million on office furniture or spending our tax dollars to subsidize donors to their party.


We have a crisis but it is to late to do anything about it.  We can only mourn the loss and hope the people involved know how much they were appreciated and how much they will be missed.

I am talking about the closing of the Carson Street Cafe in the Golden Nugget.  We have been going to Las Vegas since the 80’s and once we discovered the Cafe, we always had at least a breakfast and a dinner there each visit.  For the past four trips, we’ve stayed at the Nugget so we dined at the Cafe even more often.  From the Golden Nugget website, here is a shot of the dining room.  We’ve sat at most of those tables.


We understand it has been replaced by a chain restaurant, the Claim Jumper.  We hope we can enjoy them to some degree as much as we did the Carson Street.

Another great restaurant that fell before the corporate changing for changes sake, was the closing of ‘Le Cafe’ at the Monte Carlo.  That was a super nice, friendly place for breakfast or lunch.

I’m just an old reactionary!